Why Clogged Drains Are Health Hazards

clogged toilet

If blocked drains aren’t managed effectively and promptly, they can escalate quickly into significant issues that affect not just your property but also your health. And while Emergency Master Plumbing & Air is by no means a health service provider, we do offer thorough drain cleaning in Surprise, AZ that can reduce the likelihood of…

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The Advantages of Availing of Leak Detection Services

Leaky, water-damaged slab

Pipe bursts below the slab foundation are legitimate plumbing emergencies. The soil expansion that results from the deluge of water may lead to structural problems that can damage your entire house. Fortunately, you can avail of leak detection services from Emergency Master Plumbing & Air, the authority on slab leak repair in Surprise, AZ. Here…

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Corrosion Prevention Tips For Your Water Heater

Rusted water heater

Most homeowners rarely carry out steps to extend the lifespans of their water heaters. Worse, some even have the tendency to postpone repairs even if they are needed. Perhaps the most common issue that affects water heaters is corrosion. Since water heaters are made from metal, they are highly susceptible to corrosion. That’s why it’s…

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