Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance in Glendale, AZ, That You Can Count On

Maintaining your cooling unit in good working order can be easy if you simply partner up with the experienced team at Emergency Master Plumbing & Air. We offer everything from the most basic maintenance to in-depth seasonal visits with the goal of making sure that your air conditioner is ready to keep your home or business cool and comfortable even when the temperature outside is soaring. Our crew would love nothing more than the chance to include you as one of our annual or seasonal service stops, so don't hesitate to contact our established, locally based company for more information on air conditioning maintenance in Glendale, AZ.

Our Detailed Approach to AC Maintenance

Proper AC maintenance goes far beyond simply changing out the air filters inside your home or business although we do perform this task as a part of every maintenance visit. No air conditioning unit can function at top efficiency with dirty coils, clogged drain lines, or a faulty thermostat. Our crew knows this, and we work hard to clean, inspect and test out these and other critical components in order to maximize the system's operation and avoid premature air conditioning replacement. We also check on the electrical controls to prevent potential short-outs and fire hazards and even examine the ductwork for possible leaks that could reduce system effectiveness by permitting the loss of cooled air.

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Why Regular AC Maintenance Is so Important

The routine air conditioner maintenance services from an HVAC contractor are designed to save home and business owners money in the long run by preventing the need for premature AC system replacement. Scheduling regular visits from our team may also help you avoid the added costs of more expensive repairs to the unit as well as the stress and hassle of unexpected system downtime. Well-maintained air conditioner units operate more efficiently and consume less energy over time, and this can translate to additional cost savings as well. Routine system cleaning may also promote better air quality inside your home or commercial property.

What You Can Do to Maintain Your AC Unit

One step that every property owner needs to take on a regular basis to boost overall system performance is replacing their air conditioning unit's filter. AC filters are available at most hardware and big-box stores. Replacement filters are very size-specific, however, so be sure to look at the size of your current filter or measure its dimensions before shopping for a new one. It's also a good idea to occasionally examine your system's exterior unit for possible damage and to call on our skilled personnel to perform a service check-up at least once a year after the initial air conditioning installation.

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The Advantages of Choosing Our HVAC Experts

You don't have to look outside the greater Glendale area to find a skilled crew that you can depend on for air conditioning services. Simply contact the staff of Emergency Master Plumbing & Air to receive:

  • Top-quality service
  • Rapid project turnaround
  • Honest, professional dialogue
  • Reasonable maintenance and repair rates
  • Convenient weekday scheduling options
  • Prompt after-hours emergency assistance

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