Restore Your Cooling Unit With Air Conditioning Repair in Glendale, AZ

At Emergency Master Plumbing & Air, we take pride in serving home and business owners throughout Glendale by providing top-quality, detail-oriented repairs on cooling systems of all ages and brands. Whether your air conditioner unit has stopped working altogether or you have reason to believe that it's just not operating as efficiently as it once did, you can depend on us to diagnose the problem and supply you with a range of solutions designed to fit your budget. Look no further than our team for reliable air conditioning repair in Glendale, AZ.

Frequently Encountered AC Issues

Some commonly encountered AC problems are the result of poor air conditioning installation practices and incorrect unit sizing while others come about due to inconsistent maintenance, mechanical failure, and advanced system age. Specific air conditioning issues that we address include low coolant levels, blocked lines that cause the unit to send warm air through the ducts, and damaged equipment that leads to unit freeze-ups or general system breakdown. We can also repair faulty thermostats that prevent proper temperature control and replace damaged fans, condensers, and other broken parts as needed.

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Signs That You Need to Call in an AC Repair Expert

You should contact our crew for speedy troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair if you discover that your current AC unit is frozen or leaking fluid, if the thermostat doesn't seem to be working properly or if the associated breaker keeps flipping whenever the unit cycles on. Additional reasons to turn to us for assistance include warm air or no air at all coming from your ventilation ducts, noisy unit operation, or complete system shut-down. We'll dispatch a knowledgeable member of our team to look into the problem and consult with you on the need for any AC system repair or air conditioning maintenance work right away.

DIY Repairs Can Have Adverse Effects

Even if you think that you know exactly how to repair your damaged air conditioner, we here at Emergency Master Plumbing & Air highly recommend that you call on us for help instead. We're trained and equipped to make short work of even complex repair tasks, and our efforts won't end up causing additional damage to your system and require air conditioning replacement. Unfortunately, we're often called in to respond only after a home or business owner has attempted to make their own repairs. In these cases, we generally find that we have to spend more time and effort than necessary resolving new problems that have arisen as a result of haphazard or ineffective amateur workmanship.

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Why Choose Us for Your AC Services?

Emergency Master Plumbing & Air is the only company to trust for all types of air conditioning services. Our commitment to customer care includes:

  • Offering a complete estimate in writing on every project
  • Stocking and utilizing a wide variety of premium replacement parts
  • Arriving on time and prepared to work
  • Maintaining a budget-friendly pricing structure for routine and emergency services
  • Respecting the client's property and possessions while we're on-site
  • Cleaning up after ourselves before we leave

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