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No one in the Arizona area wants to be without the use of their residential or commercial cooling system in the extreme heat of summer, but that's just what might happen if you fail to look out for your cooling unit. It is advisable to schedule an annual air conditioning maintenance in Sun City, AZ, with a knowledgeable professional. We here at Emergency Master Plumbing & Air are fully trained and certified to provide complete system inspections and timely preventive maintenance with the goal of heading off potential problems with all types of AC units before they ever have a chance to occur.

A Look at Our AC Inspection and Maintenance Checklist

Every member of our team follows a detailed checklist to ensure that we leave no critical task undone. We replace filters, clean air vents, and inspect ductwork to promote proper airflow. We also clean condenser and evaporator coils, condensation drain lines, fans, and other outside components so that the system can operate free from dust, dirt, and mold. Additional tasks that your trusted HVAC contractor may perform include inspection of the unit's electrical wiring, thermostatic controls and coolant quality and quantity to ensure consistent operation and maximum system efficiency.

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Key Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

A well-maintained air conditioning system will always be better prepared to keep your property cool and comfortable in hot summer weather than a system that has been overlooked and neglected. Hiring us to conduct regular system inspections can also provide you with an advance warning of possible future problems and help you to avoid the sticker shock that goes along with unexpected repair or air conditioning replacement work. In addition, our air conditioning services could keep you from having to deal with untimely system failures that may leave your property without air conditioning for days or even weeks until repairs to the unit can be made.

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Easy Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioner in Good Working Condition

Aside from booking routine maintenance services with the professionals here at Emergency Master Plumbing & Air, you should replace your AC unit's filter at least four times a year or whenever the manufacturer recommends. Keeping the vents that deliver air into the property free of dust and clear of large obstructions will also help to improve efficiency and prevent unnecessary overworking of the system. Taking a few minutes to periodically inspect the exterior unit for excess condensation and possible damage may also allow you to stay ahead of major air conditioning repair. You may end up finding a few minor issues while they're still small and manageable.

Why You Won't Go Wrong by Hiring Our Expert Crew

Locating an established company to provide reliable air conditioning installation and maintenance services for your home or commercial operation is as easy as calling Emergency Master Plumbing & Air. A few of the many reasons you'll be glad you turned to us for our air conditioning services include:

  • Our stellar reputation throughout the greater Phoenix area
  • Our team's great professional work ethic
  • Our long history of service as a local woman-owned business
  • Our strong commitment to customer satisfaction
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