Comprehensive AC Maintenance in Surprise, AZ

Periodic air conditioning maintenance in Surprise, AZ, courtesy of Emergency Master Plumbing & Air maintenance is critical in making sure that your cooling system is ready to work hard when the scalding heat of the Arizona summer sets in. Our dedicated crew is readily available to provide annual or seasonal check-ups on your AC unit. In fact, we gladly offer our services to home and business owners throughout Surprise and elsewhere within the greater Phoenix metro area. Be sure to contact us to book a preventive check-up before serious problems with your cooling unit have a chance to strike.

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What We Check During a Maintenance Call

Our maintenance visits include taking care of an array of tasks with the goal of improving airflow, protecting indoor air quality, boosting overall system efficiency, and preserving the life of the unit. Expect your HVAC contractor in Surprise, AZ, to change out filters and inspect the ductwork for cleanliness and structural soundness. Rest assured that we will spare no effort when it comes to checking out the thermostat, electrical system, fan, drain lines and other critical components. We also clean the coils and add lubrication to moving parts if necessary to keep the system functioning as needed.

The Importance of Regular AC Maintenance

Our air conditioner maintenance services are aimed at making sure that your system operates at peak efficiency for maximum cooling power with minimal energy usage. By performing a complete system evaluation and tune-up before the hot season begins, we can often prevent unexpected system outages that always seem to occur at the most inopportune times. We can also give you valuable information on the possible timing of future repairs or air conditioning replacement so that you have a chance to budget for them well in advance. Periodic AC services that include filter replacement and vent and ductwork inspection may go a long way toward promoting good indoor air quality at your home or business as well.

Professional Advice on Maintaining Your AC Unit

Although a majority of the critical tasks that are required to keep residential and commercial air conditioners running properly fall outside the range of expertise of most property owners, there are a few easily accomplished AC maintenance activities that we always suggest to our clients. If your unit's filter is located in an accessible spot, it should be replaced regularly to prevent dust and dirt build-up that can block air flow into the system. All vents and ducts should also be kept clear of items such as furniture, home decor, toys, and curtains to allow the climate-controlled air to flow unobstructed into the property. We also recommend seasonal or annual service visits conducted by a member of our knowledgeable team to keep your system in good working order and avoid another air conditioning repair.

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Emergency Master Plumbing & Air is an established, locally operated company owned by two native Arizona residents. Our services come highly recommended by our past and current clientele thanks to our:

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