Stay Ahead of Cooling-Related Issues With Air Conditioning Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

Some property owners mistakenly believe that updating the easy-to-access filters on their air conditioning systems is all the maintenance that their systems ever need to keep humming along at peak performance. However, we here at Emergency Master Plumbing & Air know that a lot more goes into the proper maintenance of even a small residential or commercial AC system. We're highly skilled at handling the diverse array of tasks that keep air conditioning units of all ages and brands functioning as needed even in the triple-digit heat of a desert summer. If your cooling system is overdue for air conditioning maintenance in Phoenix, AZ, don't put off contacting our friendly, reliable team today.

Our Detailed Maintenance and Inspection Checklist

We take a time-tested, multi-phased approach to AC maintenance for our clients in The Valley of the Sun. That includes cleaning, inspecting, and tuning up various components to improve overall system operation. Our checklist covers cleaning the unit's coils and drain lines, replacing filters, testing out the fan, evaluating the condition of the ductwork, monitoring the coolant levels, and checking the compressor, thermostat, and electrical controls. We're also more than happy to look into any issues that the property owner wishes to bring to our attention to ensure that we cover all the bases while we're on-site and prevent another air conditioning replacement.

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The Importance of Routine AC Maintenance

Even a modestly sized air conditioner unit is expensive to repair and replace, which is why our periodic AC cleaning and inspection services need to be a critical component of every property owner's overall maintenance regimen. Although no air conditioner maintenance strategy is completely fool-proof, hiring us to perform our proven inspection and tune-up services may extend the useful life of a system while helping to conserve energy and boost the property's indoor environment. Our detail-oriented air conditioning services can also provide an early indicator of possible future problems with any cooling system so that the owner can come up with a plan for dealing with these expenses ahead of time.

Steps You Can Take to Maintain Your AC

If you're able to locate and access your air conditioner's filter panel, you should have an HVAC contractor in Phoenix, AZ, replace the old filter with a new one every one to three months depending on the conditions inside your property. Keeping the air delivery vents and return air duct clear of curtains, clothing, furnishings, wall hangings, and other items that could block the flow of air is also highly recommended.

In addition, we encourage local home and business owners to set up standing maintenance and inspection appointments with the friendly, personable crew here at Emergency Master Plumbing & Air to be sure that routine service matters aren't overlooked right from the air conditioning installation.

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Why Do Business With Us

Be proactive about AC maintenance services by calling Emergency Master Plumbing & Air to schedule an appointment at your home or business in the Phoenix area right away. As our client, you're sure to appreciate that our company is:

  • A Google-guaranteed provider of AC services and repairs
  • Family-owned and locally operated
  • Staffed by skilled, licensed, and bonded personnel
  • Well-regarded for providing first-rate customer care

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