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Top-Notch Drain Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Emergency Master Plumbing & Air, a family-owned and -operated drain cleaning company in Phoenix, AZ, has an excellent reputation for timely service and high-quality work throughout. Our established company is staffed by a trained crew of licensed, bonded, and insured personnel and is owned by a woman who is proud to be a native of Arizona. You won't go wrong by calling us the next time you need professional drain cleaning or any other plumbing service.

Drain Line Trouble Signs

It can be difficult to know exactly what's going on inside the sewer lines at your property, but drain pipes often give some warning before real problems develop. If your drains are making a gurgling or gushing sound as water passes through them, the line may be partially blocked. Unexplained water puddles around interior drains and unexpected damp spots in exterior areas near buried sewer lines could also indicate possible problems. Whenever you notice these signs, make sure to contact the leading authority on drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, as soon as possible. Emergency Master Plumbing & Air is always here to help with your plumbing woes.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

With more than 15 years of experience in the plumbing industry, you can be sure that our personnel will deliver Grade-A services. We arrive at the client's property armed with quality equipment such as hydro jetting tools that can get stubbornly clogged pipes flowing again. Pipe jetting uses the power of pressurized water to break up the grease and other accumulated material that's causing the blockage. As the water destroys the clog, it also pushes the resulting debris through the line, so there's little to no mess to clean up after the work is done.

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When and How Often Do Drains Need Cleaning?

The required frequency between professional drain cleaning services varies and is dependent upon the size of the household or business operation, the age of the plumbing, and other such factors. If the members of the household or business practice good preventive care by preventing loose material from entering the plumbing, educating all users regarding what can be safely flushed down toilets, and not discarding grease down the drains, the drains could go for extended periods without becoming blocked. It's generally a smart idea, however, to hire our full-service company to perform periodic drain check-ups and to also clean and evaluate a property's plumbing at the time of sale or purchase.

Turn to Our Professional Team

A clogged drain can lead to unhealthy conditions inside the home or business in which it occurs, which is why our team is always to respond promptly even outside of regular business hours. We charge an additional service fee for after-hours calls, but you can be sure that we'll do our best to arrive at your location within one hour of your call and then work swiftly to get your drains flowing smoothly again. We also offer complimentary estimates during regular business hours as well as a total satisfaction guarantee on all our services.

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Schedule Service

If it's been some time since your residential or commercial drain lines were last cleaned, contact Google-guaranteed Emergency Master Plumbing & Air today to schedule an on-site consultation with a professional plumber in Phoenix, AZ. We'll provide you with more details on our competitive pricing and offer you our next available appointment slot as soon as you call!