Drain & Sewer Maintenance in Surprise, AZ, and Nearby Areas

Homeowners are often unsure of how to maintain their drain, so they often go overlooked. However, your drains and sewer system play an integral role in your everyday life. To put it simply, regular use requires regular servicing.

While blockages and clogs are the most common problems with drain and sewer systems, other complications like cracks, weakened piping, or mineral buildup can also greatly affect the drainage system in your home or business. Consistent neglect of your drainage and sewer systems can lead to costly repairs and extensive damage to your property.

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Signs That Your System May Need Servicing

The following are signs to look out for if you may need drain or sewer maintenance services:

  • leaks
  • excess moisture
  • odor
  • strange pooling
  • blockage or clogs
  • loud noises coming from piping
  • water pressure problems
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Why Choose Us

While you can do some prevention-based maintenance yourself, more technical upkeep and repairs will require the attention of a professional. That is where we come in!

The outstanding team at Emergency Master Plumbing & Air is comprised of knowledgeable and respectful plumbing experts with years of field experience. Whether you are in need of a repair, a replacement or a simple overall inspection, our family of local plumbers are ready for the job. We are the professionals to call when your piping has problems!

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Our Drain & Sewer Services in Glendale & Phoenix, AZ

As a fully-licensed and insured plumbing contractor, we are equipped to administer any plumbing maintenance that you may need. We offer thorough, full-service drain cleaning and sewer cleaning as well as sewer line repairs or replacements for both residential and commercial properties in the greater Phoenix area.

Plumbing incidents never happen at a convenient time. Thankfully, we are open 24 hours a day to help with your sewer & drainage systems repairs.

Each member of our team arrives fully equipped with the necessary tools and years of experience to meet your needs in a quick and efficient manner. With over 99 five-star Google Reviews, our team takes pride in providing the absolute best service in any plumbing situation.

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