How Is Leak Detection Carried Out?

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How Is Leak Detection Carried Out

A leak can be defined as any unintended flow of water or gas outside, above, or through an intended piping system. This can occur for various reasons such as poor installation, damaged pipes, or corroded pipes and fixtures, among other things. Emergency Master Plumbing & Air takes pride in providing top-notch slab leak repair in Surprise, AZ.

When it comes to leak detection, our leak detection company does things a certain way so we could meet the industry’s safety and quality standards, as well as to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. Here’s how we look for plumbing leaks around your property.

Water Leak Detection Methods

There are numerous different reasons behind a leaking plumbing, and so the extent of the damage also varies depending on the culprit. This varied nature of the leaks necessitates the use of different leak detection methods.

Visual Inspections

While there are certainly some unmistakable visual cues that point to leaks, some clues might be more subtle than others. So inconspicuous, in fact, that only water leak repair professionals who have been trained to spot such irregularities can accurately detect them. In our case, we look for signs of water damage such as warping in the walls and floors.

Acoustic Detection

Listening discs and ground microphones pick up irregularities in the sound of flowing water to point out where the possible leaks might be. Disc plates are used on solid surfaces such as cement and bricks.

Thermal Imaging

Infrared imaging allows leak repair service providers to detect leaks via fluctuations in the temperature (water that’s exposed to the air will have a different temperature from the water flowing inside the pipes).

Emergency Master Plumbing & Air has access to a comprehensive range of leak detection methods that can accurately locate the source where the leaks might be. Contact us today to set up a service appointment.