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Drain cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance, and how often it should be done is an important question. Generally, the rule of thumb is that drain cleaning should be done at least once a year, but depending on the circumstances, this should be adjusted according to individual needs. Here’s a guide and a few considerations on how often your drain cleaning in Surprise, AZ should be done.

Set Period for Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning services should be scheduled at least once a year to keep your drains in working order. Newly built homes can benefit from this yearly routine, but older homes with aging drain pipes might need to be cleaned more often or on an as-needed basis since they are more prone to clogs.

Specific Circumstances for Drain Cleaning

Regarding more specific circumstances, it’s wise to adjust your drain cleaning practices accordingly. As mentioned, if you have old pipes or slow-draining showers and tubs, getting a drain cleaning company to provide routine maintenance visits is ideal. Similarly, if you grease or oil frequently find their way down your drains, you should get a professional to regularly clean the drains.

By doing so, you’ll avoid getting a clogged drain and other more severe issues in the future.

Significance of The Practice

It’s also worth noting that there are various means to clean your drains depending on the clog. Hydro jetting, for instance, is suited for major clogs such as tree roots. On the other hand, drain snaking can be utilized for clogs typically found in sink or toilet drains. Nevertheless, be sure to research your home’s drain pipe system and consult a professional to help you make informed decisions regarding which drain cleaning process to utilize in order to achieve optimal results.

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