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As the go-to for drain cleaning in Glendale, AZ, Emergency Master Plumbing & Air uses highly efficient methods to get your drains clear and functioning like new again. One of the drain cleaning techniques we utilize is hydro jetting – the process of using pressurized water to unclog sewer and drain pipes.

While highly efficient, one of the most common concerns that our clients have is whether hydro jetting is safe. Our answer is always a resounding “yes”, and we’ve compiled the reasons behind the “how so?” for your peace of mind.

How Hydro Jetting Works

The hydro jet system consists of a pressure pump, a specific nozzle type, and waste equipment. The pressure ranges from 4000 to 60000 psi, depending on the severity of the blockage in the clogged drain and the capacity of the plumbing system. It conveniently and thoroughly removes clogs that have accumulated in the pipes.

The jet nozzle produces a powerful stream of water, but at such an angle that does not damage the pipe in any way. Moreover, our drain cleaning company only uses clean water for the hydro jetting process. So really, jetting is not just safe for pipes, but also for the environment since there are no harmful byproducts.

Additionally, hydro jetting is safe even for use on older pipes. This is because our drain cleaning services experts are highly trained to evaluate how much pressure is needed to dislodge even the most stubborn clogs.

Most importantly, our team makes it a point to conduct a thorough inspection of the clogged drain so that we could determine whether a hydro jetting would be a suitable solution or whether other drain cleaning methods would be more beneficial.

Emergency Master Plumbing & Air has cleared countless drains using hydro jetting, always with optimal results. You don’t have to worry you (and your drains) are in good hands. Contact us to schedule an appointment.