Main Causes of Clogging

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Main Causes of Clogging

No homeowner finds having to deal with clogged sewer lines or plumbing pipes enjoyable. What can start as a minor clogging issue can quickly turn into a major headache-inducing problem that requires professional drain cleaning in Sun City, AZ. Fortunately, you can prevent clogs when you know what causes them in the first place.

So what could possibly be clogging your drains? Emergency Master Plumbing & Air lists the leading causes, and how our drain cleaning services can help.


This doesn’t clog your plumbing pipes instantly. It takes a while for the grease to build up and cause a full blown clog. This is also due to the composition of grease, which hardens as it cools. As such, clogs of this nature tend to worsen when there are fluctuations in the temperature, especially when it gets colder. Grease accumulation is a type of clog that requires the services of a professional drain cleaning company, as they have the skills, tools, and expertise to ensure that the job is done right.


Animal fur, human hair, and the like are enormous contributors to clogs in homes. Hair often clogs the bathroom, bathtub, shower, and laundry drains. Hair knots up and combines with other substances, such as oils or residue from bath products, and soap scum, requiring the help of a professional plumber so the pipes can be cleared.

Undersized Pipes

If your drain pipes are undersized, they might not be able to regulate and handle the wastewater properly. And as a result, your drains are going to be more prone to clogs. This is especially true if your household has gotten bigger since the initial drain installation. Undersized pipes leading to a clogged drain could also be due to an error during the installation process, especially if it was a DIY or done by an amateur.

Tree Root Invasion

If your property is surrounded by trees, there is a high chance that the tree roots can infiltrate your drain pipes. The most efficient way to deal with this clog-causing problem is through hydro jetting, which is a process that can cut through the roots using highly pressurized water.

Regardless of what caused your drains to clog, Emergency Master Plumbing & Air can help. Contact us today to schedule a drain cleaning appointment.