Reasons a Water Heater Installation Should Be Done By Professionals

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water heater being installed

Your water heater installation in Surprise, AZ can be considered as an investment. As such, you want only the best for the job. It goes without saying that water heaters should only be installed by professionals like Emergency Master Plumbing & Air.

Read on as we outline the biggest reasons why your tank-based or tankless water heater should only be installed by a licensed and trained professional.

Maintenance Advice

A water heater is an important component of your home or business, so having a knowledgeable technician with the expertise needed for water heater maintenance is also invaluable. This way, you can ensure better water quality in your home or business.

Correct Installation

Improper water heater installation can result in malfunctions, which could prompt an untimely water heater replacement. Water heaters have to be installed per manufacturer’s standards – any deviation could result in issues. For instance, getting the settings of the pressure relief valve wrong exposes you to the risk of the water heater exploding due to the build up of internal pressure.


A warranty is essential when you have a piece of machinery or equipment. Any form of water heater repair (or installation, in this case) should be done by a contractor that’s qualified to carry out these services. If something needs to be repaired in the future, the certified technician will fix it promptly and efficiently because they have all the right tools and knowledge to do so.

If there is a problem with your water heater, the manufacturer may be able to give you a replacement once you present them with your warranty card, but if the water heater has been “tampered with” i.e. was repaired by an unaffiliated contractor, your water heater warranty might end up being void.

If you’re looking to upgrade your water heater, don’t hesitate to contact Emergency Master Plumbing & Air to schedule an appointment.