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Leaking pipe

Water leakage is one of the most common household problems. The most serious leaks take time to expand from small faults that might have been easily solved if you noticed them on time. That is why it’s important to schedule regular appointments with a leak detection company like Emergency Master Plumbing & Air. By doing so, you can prevent bigger plumbing issues from developing.

From the top plumber in Glendale, AZ, here are the spots you need to check for water leaks.


One of the most common places where you can spot water leaks is the toilet. Water leaks in toilets are usually unnoticeable, but you might be losing a lot of water to them. To test for leakage, remove the top of your toilet tank, pour some drops of food color, and wait 30 minutes to see if the color disappears without you flushing the toilet. If there is leakage, you need to call a reputable plumber for prompt leak repair services.

Showers and Faucets

It’s not uncommon to experience leakage in your faucets and showers. While this may not seem like a major problem, you may be losing thousands of gallons of water annually. Calling for a professional water leak repair procedure can save you the cost you may incur when the problem gets worse.

Attic and Roofs

A slight crack in your roof will cause water leakage, and your attic should always be dry even after heavy rains. Look for qualified technicians to conduct leak detection and fix any cracks to prevent further damage.


You may notice water penetrating your house through cracks on your slab, which is an indicator of faulty plumbing or cracked pipes. This is a major cause for alarm, and you should call an expert for slab leak repair in Glendale, AZ, right away. Organize routine checks to detect any defects before they cause more serious damage.

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