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Every household experiences blocked drains and sewers as pipe lines accumulate grease, trash, and minerals over time. Other substances may clog toilets and drains as well. Fortunately, there are many techniques for unclogging pipes. One such technique that Emergency Master Plumbing & Air, the top name for drain cleaning in Surprise, AZ, uses is hydro jetting. By utilizing bursts of high-pressure water streams, sludge, grease, and all sorts of obstructions are cleared away from pipe lines.

Here’s a look at its many benefits.

Very Versatile

Homeowners sometimes misunderstand hydro jetting as a tool exclusively for the removal of grease and grime. The fact is it’s beneficial in repairing many plumbing concerns that can’t be removed by snaking. Its sheer versatility lets you reach inaccessible areas in your plumbing.


Traditional pipe cleaning methods often involve digging a trench to access problem areas. This may take a long time and cost a lot of money. When you employ drain cleaning services that utilize hydro jetting, the cleanout process is much simpler and less intrusive.

Highly Effective

Even if a clogged drain is cleared using conventional plumbing methods, there’s a good chance that part of the debris will stay in the pipe. Traditional plumbing procedures leave a residue that might cause delayed draining or even a new blockage. When it comes to obstructions, hydro jetting is the preferred method because it cleanses fully.

Prevents Future Clogs

Hydro-jetting is often the initial step utilized by a drain cleaning company for pipe lining or section point repair projects. When residuals are covering the interior walls of your pipe, you cannot apply lining material. By clearing them away with hydro jetting, you can proceed with the project.

Compared to alternative cleaning methods like chemical drain cleaners and drain snaking, hydro jetting is much more cost-effective and long-lasting. Avail of this premium service at Emergency Master Plumbing & Air and you’re sure to get rid of even the most stubborn of clogs.

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