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Top Leak Detection Techniques

Leaks can cause severe problems in a home if it is not dealt with in a timely manner. That’s we encourage homeowners to seek water leak repair services from professional plumbing companies since DIY methods can be ineffective and risky.

At Emergency Master Plumbing & Air, we use time-proven leak detection techniques as well as innovative solutions. Before using any apparatus, our plumbers first inspect the residence to check the signs of a possible leak. This allows us to get a clear picture of the plumbing condition. After that, we use modern tech to be more precise and accurate.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

These cameras are ideal for finding hidden leaks in hot water pipes beneath concrete or floorboards and behind walls. When dealing with Slab leak repair in Sun City, AZ, these cameras are beneficial since they detect issues that cannot be detected using naked eyes.

Listening Discs

Ground microphones and listening discs are some of the most standard tools that a plumbing expert can apply to pin down water leaks. These devices enable a plumber to locate leaks through cabinets, drywall, and other furnishings. A good leak detection company uses listening discs to amplify leaking water sounds through the headphones when put against a surface.

Video Inspection Apparatus

Our plumbing professionals also use video pipe inspection devices to get the most exact leak detection outcome. These devices are tiny cameras installed on extended flexible fiber optic cables. Typically, plumbers may insert them in valves and other plumbing exits to identify leaks.

Soil Probe

Leaks that take place in the main waste and sewer line can cause serious issues. Typically, these kinds of leaks run under yards or lawns. As the premier plumber in Sun City, AZ, we listen to different sounds to identify and differentiate the type of leak, its intensity, and the best way to handle it.

Are you looking for a reputable company to solve your water leak issues? At Emergency Master Plumbing & Air, we offer exceptional leak repair services using modern technology. Contact us today for more information!