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Plumber fixing the toilet

Every homeowner experiences plumbing problems of some sort at one time or another. But with proper maintenance, you can effectively nip all sorts of plumbing issues in the bud and ensure you have a smooth-flowing plumbing system all year round.

Should plumbing repairs be needed, you can count on Emergency Master Plumbing & Air to be there. Here are the essential tips to help you keep your plumbing system in tip-top shape.

Be Careful What You Flush

If it is anything other than toilet paper or excrement, it has no business being flushed down the toilet. Never throw other waste materials, such as cotton swabs, sanitary products, hair, or plastics down the toilet bowl. When all these wastes build up, they are sure to clog your drain.

Watch Out For Red Flags Such as Toilet Overflows

There are plenty of signs that tell if you have underlying plumbing issues. One such symptom is an overflowing toilet. As a precautionary measure, open the tank and pull the flush valve down if you think the toilet will overflow. This will halt the water flow and buy you time as you call your trusted plumber for an emergency plumbing service.

Check for Tank Leaks

Your toilet tank may be leaking into the toilet bowl, and the best way to test this is by putting some food coloring into the tank and waiting for some time. If you notice leakages into the bowl, give your local plumbing company a call to diagnose the issue. Even something as simple as this can do wonders to lower your monthly water consumption.

Flush Your Water Heater

It is highly recommended to flush your water heater every year to clear the sediments that may have accumulated at the bottom. When sediment builds up, it may cause the tank to rust out, which will cost you extra cash. On top of flushing the water heater every year, make it a point to have a plumber in Surprise, AZ, replace the anode rod once every five years. Doing so will make your water heater last longer.

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