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Water heaters are designed to withstand daily use, making household tasks such as cleaning and bathing a lot easier to complete. But even the highest quality water heaters can encounter some problems if upkeep is neglected. Taking care of your water heater as directed by the manufacturer will ensure that it lasts at least the 15 years it is meant to after the initial water heater installation in Surprise, AZ.

Emergency Master Plumbing & Air specializes in water heater repair and other related services, and we’ve got a few water heater maintenance tips that we think you might find helpful.

Adjust the Thermostat to Optimal Temperature

Did you know that you can set your thermostat at an optimal temperature, which not only helps you get your supply of hot-but-not scalding water, but also does wonders for the efficiency of your water heater? The EPA recommends setting the temperature to 120 degrees. This temperature is ideal because it prevents bacteria from developing while providing hot water that won’t give you first-degree burns.

Doing this eases the strain on your water heater, thus minimizing the likelihood of needing an untimely water heater replacement.

Flush the Tank Regularly

A water heater should be flushed periodically to prevent sediment buildup. Your tankless water heater can also benefit from this maintenance step, as flushing helps get rid of the minerals that might be accumulating right there in the heating chamber. You can flush the water heater on your own, but for safety and efficiency reasons, it’s best to get the pros to handle it.

Don’t Forget About the Anode Rod

Anode rods, also known as sacrificial anode rods, are designed in such a way that they’ll be the ones that will corrode, instead of the lining inside your water heater tank. Part of your water heater maintenance routine should be to see to it that the anode rod is replaced every one to three years.

If you have any concerns about your water heater, feel free to contact Emergency Master Plumbing & Air.