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Air conditioners should be able to withstand constant use, but they do eventually succumb to wear and tear. If your AC hasn’t been performing as it should and you’ve been feeling the effects of high temperatures this summer, it might be time to call in Emergency Master Plumbing & Air for air conditioning maintenance in Phoenix, AZ.

It’s easy to miss a few important things, so having a checklist of the steps you need to take to maintain your air conditioner might be helpful.

Clean or Replace the Filters

Most air conditioners in the United States today have a built-in, removable filter that can be cleaned or replaced without removing the unit from the wall. Have it cleaned every month to stay on top of dust and debris that may build up on your outdoor unit’s evaporator coil.

Inspect Outdoor Unit

Since the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system is exposed to the elements, it’s susceptible to damage. While you can’t do much by way of repairs, you can regularly check around the perimeter of your air conditioner’s outdoor unit to make sure that there are no debris, such as fallen leaves, twigs, or trash, obstructing the unit especially since this component is the one that releases the absorbed heat back out in the open again.

Take a Look at the Ductwork

Look for any holes, cracks, or missing or damaged pieces. If your ductwork is damaged in any way, it could restrict the airflow to and from your unit. A crooked or uneven ductwork can impede optimal airflow and can affect the distribution of cooled air throughout the house. Any gaps can result in drafts, which will affect your indoor comfort and increase your energy bills.

Emergency Master Plumbing & Air is proud to provide a wide range of HVAC services, from preventive maintenance to repair work. We’re here to help you make the most economical use of your air conditioning system and keep it running at peak performance. Quality is our first priority, and we take pride in our workmanship.

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