Common Issues That Require Prompt AC Repairs

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Air conditioning systems play a crucial role in optimizing your home’s indoor comfort, so it’s only right that frequent maintenance is carried out to keep it functioning properly. Although maintenance lowers the occurrence of emergency repairs, you will, at some point, encounter AC problems. Fortunately, Emergency Master Plumbing & Air professionals can provide solutions that will get your system up and running in no time. Below are some circumstances that’ll have you calling for air conditioning repair in Phoenix, AZ.

Clogged Filters

One of the most common problems that air conditioners encounter is a clogged filter. Surprisingly, such a seemingly easily resolvable problem can result in a slew of other problems. Issues such as reduced air flow an poor indoor air quality can stem from air filters in dire need of a cleaning or a complete replacement.

Air conditioner filters need to be replaced every one to three months. There are also filter types that can be reused for a number of times – you can just wash and clean them out every time until they’d have to be eventually replaced as well.

Air Comes Out Warm

Why you’re greeted with warm air instead of the cool breeze you’re epecting from your AC can be due to a number of malfunctions. Whether it’s a thermostat in need of recalibration, a faulty evaporator, or a clogged filter (as above mentioned), warm air coming out of your AC unit is definitely something that warrants prompt repairs.


Your AC system can leak if the condensate system does not drain correctly. The impacts of water leaks can be destructive based on the position of the AC system in your house. Leaks also occur from the coolant as a result of poor installation or wear and tear due to prolonged use.

Your air conditioning system should be doing nothing but keep you cool when it’s hot out. So when its performance starts dipping, don’t wait. Contact Emergency Master Plumbing & Air right away at the first sign of AC trouble.