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Jetting is a powerful means of clearing your pipe system. Grease, sludge, and even tree roots can be broken up and removed from sewer drainage pipes using highly pressurized water. An expert jetting contractor will know how much water pressure is needed to break up and release clogs without harming the line. Because of this, hydro jetting is not something the average homeowner should attempt.

As your expert in drain cleaning in Surprise, AZ, Emergency Master Plumbing & Air is well-versed in carrying out jetting services. Here’s how it works.

Gauging the Clog Severity

We start by doing a preliminary inspection of the clogged drain in question to evaluate the blockage and figure out which pressure setting to use. This is an important step because hydro jetting requires precision for it to be fully effective.

Jetting Can Be Done Alongside Snaking

The use of a plumbing snake to clear clogged drains is a time-tested technique for dislodging blockages. A plumbing snake can cut through the muck so that the highly pressurized water can clear out the clog better. This drain snaking and jetting combo is common practice among many drain cleaning services providers, our team included.

Removal of Debris Using Force

Jetting is a cost-effective option for eliminating bacteria-ridden clogs, foul odors, and even tree roots that have invaded the sewer pipes. Jetting is highly effective at clearing out built-up gunk like dirt, grime, debris, and food residue such as cooking grease that has the potential to solidify in pipes and cause clogs.

Hydro jetting is a highly technical method, as the water pressure has to be carefully calibrated optimally to make sure that the clog is removed. As such, only a licensed drain cleaning company can perform it safely and efficiently.

If you’re noticing slow-clearing drains, get in touch with Emergency Master Plumbing & Air right away to set up an appointment.