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Common Plumbing Problems and How to Avoid Them

It’s normal to experience plumbing problems, especially as your home ages. While some of them are minor, others can come with severe issues like flooding. During those times, it’s best to leave major plumbing problems to professionals like Emergency Master Plumbing & Air.

Being aware of the following plumbing problems will help you understand their causes, how you can solve them, and when to call your plumber.

Running Toilets

Toilets run for various reasons, but the good news is that most issues are fixable. If you have a running toilet, please don’t wait to call a plumber in Peoria AZ, from our team for a quick fix. A running toilet can waste several gallons of water if left unchecked. Your plumber will inspect the toilet and recommend the necessary repairs, replacements, and preventive measures for future reference.

Low Water Pressure

Most old homes experience low water pressure issues, though it can also happen in new homes. Low water pressure can worsen over time or develop suddenly, and a water main break or pipes leaks are common causes. Call our plumbing company if your water pressure decreases so we can diagnose it accurately and fix the issue promptly.

Clogged Pipes

These are common in most homes because waste and drain pipes are narrow. If you experience frequent clogs and sewage backups, consider a professional drain cleaning or perhaps a plumbing repair procedure to fix the issue completely. You can avoid frequently clogged drains by watching what goes down the drains. Some common culprits of clogged drains include grease, hair buildup, and wet wipes.

Malfunctioning Water Heater

Some common signs of a water heater issue may include dripping water, discolored water, unusual noises, and water puddles. You need a professional plumber to fix any water heater issue because the unit is too complex and DIY work is dangerous. Unfortunately, overlooking a water heater issue can lead to emergency plumbing issues. Regular maintenance, checking the pressure valve often, and flushing the tank can prevent water heater problems.

These problems can increase water bills and put your house at the risk of flooding. Avoid fixing these issues with Emergency Master Plumbing & Air. Contact us today today for speedy repairs and quality pipe installations.