Signs of Slab Leak Issues

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Signs of Slab Leak Issues

Slab leaks are among the significant plumbing problems affecting homes in Glendale, AZ. Since these types of leaks happen underneath heavy concrete slabs, leak detection can prove to be a little more challenging. Thus, the dangers that slab leaks pose considerably increase. Moreover, the resulting water damage can be disastrous for your property.

Knowing what to look for can help you promptly schedule a slab leak repair in Glendale, AZ, preventing further damage. If you notice any of these telltale signs, a call to Emergency Master Plumbing & Airis in order.

Hot Spots

If there are warm spots on your floors, this can indicate that your hot water line under the slab has a problem. This is common in homes built before 2010 that had the hot water lines under the slab. So when hot water seeps out through the slab, it can cause the floor directly above the leak to feel warm or hot to touch. Call a plumber if you notice that some parts of your flooring feel warm to determine or confirm if there’s a slab leak.

Pooling Water

Apart from warm spots on the floor, standing water can signify a slab leak. Pools of water can indicate that the leak is severe, prompting swift action to mitigate the escalating situation. If the floor remains constantly wet, don’t hesitate to reach out to Emergency Master Plumbing & Air, your trusted leak detection company, for assistance.

Uneven Slab Foundation

Slab leaks can wear away at the concrete foundation supporting your home. When this happens, the soil underneath can shift and become uneven. Timely water leak repair can help avoid such issues from happening.

Risks of Ignoring Slab Leak

A leak from the slabs can cause your home’s foundation to shift or even break. While rare, it’s not uncommon for undetected slab leaks to result in portions of your home collapsing. Put bluntly, taking too long to schedule slab leak repair services can have dire consequences.

You can always count on Emergency Master Plumbing & Air to determine whether you have a slab leak, and if so, fix the issue promptly and effectively. Call us today or fill out the form for an appointment.