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As a plumber in Surprise, AZ, our team here at Emergency Master Plumbing & Air has seen and responded to our fair share of plumbing emergencies. And while there’s never a good time to find yourself facing a plumbing emergency, as a homeowner, you must prepare yourself should anything untoward happens.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fully resolve an emergency plumbing situation by yourself, know that you’re not completely helpless, either. Below are a few preventative and mitigation measures you can take while waiting for the pros.

Locate the Shut Off Valve

Many plumbing emergencies involve water, and copious amounts of it, at that. After all, plumbing deals primarily with water and wastewater. If you’re facing an issue such as a burst pipe where there’s a risk of flooding, the main thing to remember is to shut off the main water valve to stop the flow of water. The valve could be in the garage, in the basement, or near the water heater. Generally, it should be near the main water line.

If you’re dealing with a localized issue, such as an overflowing toilet or a leaking sink, the valve will likely be behind or below the problem area. You could ask your go-to plumbing company to help you locate your home’s water valves. Hopefully before an emergency arises.

Take Care of Leaks and Flooding

Once you’ve got a handle on the situation, it’s time for a bit of damage control. Take out your mats and mops, and make an effort to dry up as much of the flooded area as possible. You can also take this time to get in touch with your plumbing repairs provider and to let them know the situation.

Emergency Master Plumbing & Air is available 24/7 and we are standing by to assist you with any of your plumbing needs, whether it’s in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn. Contact us for help.